The best race tracks and circuits in the world

Ever wondered what the best race tracks and circuits are in the whole wide world? You’ve probably got your own list from Gran Turismo but you’re pretty lucky to have been able to drive on any of these. When compiling this list I ended up asking myself, what makes a good race track? History? Gradient change? Scenery? Accessibility? Unique features? Probably a bit of all of those. So here goes, here’s the HeavySet best race tracks circuits in the world.

Laguna Seca

The Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is a circuit in central California famous for its downhill-plunging Corkscrew corners.


Laguna Seca is used for a variety of racing including bikes and karts. It is even possible to do track days there putting it firmly on my wish list.

Nürburgring Nordschleife

If you haven’t heard of this track then get off this website and look at my little pony instead. Arguably the most challenging track in the world the Nordschleife is a 13 mile “northern loop” in the Eifel region of Germany. Its most famous corner is the Carousel, originally a drainage solution that was soon commandeered by racers.


Nicknamed the Green Hell the racetrack still holds racing to this day despite its deadly reputation, albeit with most professional racing happening on the “GP Streke”. The best bit of the Nurburgring is of course the Touristfahren, or Tourist days, when you, I and everyone else can pay to lap the track as a derestricted toll road.

Yas Marina

Ok race track fans have you heard of Yas Marina? Maybe if you’re an F1 fan as it’s home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Built in a new complex which includes hotels and a theme park Yas Marina literally has a Marina to race around. Nico Rosberg said every corner was unique and you can do a trackday here for less than £150. Drift sessions are only £70! Let’s get the flights booked…

Spa Francorchamps 

Close the the Nurburgring but in Belgium is the Spa. A circuit famous again for its danger, undulation and forest setting. Spa is a fan favourite despite the tendency for rain.


Its most famous corner is Eau-Rouge a corner that is hard to master and deadly to those who don’t respect it. HeavySet top tip, you can combine a Nurburg trip with Spa for not too much more effort.


Mount Panorama Circuit is in New South Wales, Australia not too far from Sydney. The circuit is famous for its endurance racing and tight mountain sections with no run off. Strictly speaking this is a street circuit with most of the track available for normal traffic on non race days (albeit with a low speed limit).


Is it any coincidence that several of the tracks featured on this list are home to endurance racing?


Known as Catalunya, the “Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya” is based near Barcelona, Spain. With a variety of corners this circuit is seen as an allrounder.


The third track on this list to be a Forumla 1 track and the second, surprisingly to me, without significant gradient change.


What race tracks are your favourite? Angry we haven’t included any Japanese or British Circuits? Let us know in the comments below 🙂