Therma Tec thermal inatke manifold gasket for 96-00 D-series Honda Civic, 92-97 CRX Del sol


Will fit the following Honda’s:

-Civic  All D series engines like D13/ D14/ D15/ D16 1988-2000
– CRX Del Sol  D15B D16Z6 D16Y8 1992-1997

For every 3.3 °C rise in intake temperature, air density drops by 1%. The hotter the air entering your engine, the less fuel the computer injects to compensate for reduced oxygen.

Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets reduce air intake temperatures by removing the direct contact between the throttle body and intake manifold surfaces where heat soak usually occurs. The PTFE thermo plastic has unique thermal resistant properties which standard gaskets simply dont have.

An intake temperature drop of around 10 degrees C is expected when using these gaskets on a road driven engine, which is good for around 3 percent power increase.Better results can be expected with track driven applications where heat soak is much more noticeable between pit stops.


* Direct replacements for OEM intake manifold and throttle body gaskets

*Protects against heat soak and reduces the incoming air temperature before it reaches the cylinder head.

*Reduces heat transfer into the intake manifold

*High Heat deflection

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