Fast and Furious is going to Cuba!

Blink and you probably missed it, but it has been confirmed that at least a reasonable proportion of the next Fast and Furious film is going to be based in Cuba.

This is big news for the Franchise as well as US/Cuba relations. The Superpower and Communist state have had rocky relations what with nearly starting World War 3 a while back. But with sanctions dropped by Obama Universal Studios have been quick to get in on the action by filming F8 on location in Cuba.

We should expect American Muscle and Rat Rods to be the focus of the cars in scenes on the Island as, well, they don’t have much else. Cuba has lived with what arrived before the embargo and is a hotspot for American Classics kept together by sheer will and ingenuity. We can also expect for the film to build on the Latino vibe that has grown since 2 Fast 2 Furious.

What we can’t be sure of is where this Fast and Furious will go story wise. There are no known Cuban characters and only a handful of them can speak Spanish. Are they on Holiday and get in to trouble? Are they hired for a job? We will have to wait for the first trailer to get our first sneak peak. But for now we know one thing… Fast and Furious is going to Cuba!