Fast and Furious from Cuba to Iceland!? #F8

Holey Moley Fast and Furious 8 is going to Iceland! Just last week we brought you news that #F8 was going to Cuba and now we bring you the news that they are also filming on a slightly different Island. Check out the official video below:

Whilst the snippet focuses heavily on Tyrese/Roman we hope more characters will be there to experience the action in Iceland. The footage also shows much more action than the Cuba clip did, is this an indication of the final screen time for these two locations?

First up we see tanks and buggies jumping and otherwise having fun. I wonder if Ludacris/Tej will mention his much quoted “Uh guys… they got a tank!” Or will the tables have turned and now he has the tank?!

ludacris tank

We also see snippets of a Lamborghini, another muscle car (both struggling on the snow), a subaru WRX (not struggling on the snow), drag racing, snow mobiles, jumps, crashes, guns and explosions.

Looks so cold… But so good! What do you guys and girls think? Is Iceland a good move for the Fast and Furious Franchise?